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Horse Refurbishment

Restoration and Refurbishments.


As we all know time leaves its impression on us all and it's no different for that old tired rocking horse of yours.  But wouldn't it be wonderful to see your new child, grand-child, nephew or niece, happily galloping through the countryside or chasing dragons as you once did. Well all is not lost, Flidais can help.

However first things first. Although all horses can be brought back to their former glory, sometimes this is not the best course of action. Before plunging in and possibly destroying something which is rare or valuable, a little research may be in order before deciding on the best course of action. You may even be better off selling your old horse on if it is of value to a collector or museum possibly , then having a new one made for the children. This said, if you decide that you do wish the refurbishment to go ahead then contact us so we can discuss your needs in detail.


Although it would be best to bring the horse to us in order to assess its requirements, we can make a visit to you if you live relatively local . However this would involve a call out charge.  If you email us with some photographs showing areas of particular concern and the height width and length of the horse and some comments on the general condition ( i.e. if joints are loose, if stand is sturdy or has joint movement ) then we will be able to offer you an estimate of the cost.


General Refurbishment


This includes:-  stripping back horse to bare wood and repairing any minor damage*, repainting and dappling fitting of new mane and tail and the fitting of new saddle and tack. Also the stripping back of stand minor repair work and refinishing.


* we do carry out minor repairs as part of the refurbishment however if more extensive works are required such as the making and refitting of new parts i.e. new ears, jaws, legs, or stand parts this will incur extra cost.


Price Guide



Small horse..............£675


Medium horse.......... £875


Large horse...............£1080


Extra large horse.......£1440