Welcome to Flidais Fine Woodcraft

About Flidais

A family run business based in the North East of England near Durham, FLIDAIS FINE WOODCRAFT prides itself on giving excellent value for money and the finest attention to detail. We care that our commissions are something that will stand the test of time and will become cherished possessions and hopefully family heirlooms.


For those interested, the name “Flidais” pronounced ‘flee-ash’ is of Celtic Irish origin. Flidais is said to be the goddess of the woodlands and wilds, and a very sensual free living spirit. Hence the connection; our love of wood as a beautiful natural resource and of woodcraft. Also the ancestry of the business founder is of Irish origin and these factors along with the unusual sounding name all played a part in the naming of the business.


Our main focus of production is the hand crafting of traditional style rocking horses and fine boxes to commissioned order.

Our beautifully carved horses, which need only the addition of a child’s imagination to bring them to life, are not only a wonderful play thing but a fine piece of furniture to grace any home for generations. Our boxes, ranging from beautiful jewellery cases to cigar humidors and keepsake boxes are not only attractive but very practical for storing those things most special to us all. Although our main stay, the fore mentioned is by no means exhaustive and the commission of other pieces can always be discussed.

So don’t be afraid to ask as we strive to meet the requirements of any prospective client where possible.

Head Craftsman